Sex education: Is it justifiable to make it compulsory for all? – 12 May 2022

Campaigner calls for abolishing indefinite imprisonment – 17 Mar 2022

Ex Hong Kong politician is now helping immigrants in Wales – 10 Mar 2022

Butetown boxing club: free tuition classes for every child – 24 Feb 2022

Student Housing: campaigners call for change to hold landlords accountable – 10 Feb 2022

Mask-wearing in Cardiff: Does culture play a role? (Adwitiya Pal, Atreya Mukerjee, Ka Long Tung and Yuhan Zhang) – 17 Dec 2021

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Independent Journalism

Cardiff Shows Solidarity as RMT Strike Enters the Third Day ( – 26 Jun 2022

移英廿年港人辦抗爭展覽 盼本地人了解香港情況(同文 Commons) – 9 Mar 2022

Amidst loss of freedom in her homeland, a Uyghur teenager protests in London 3378 miles away (Uyghur Times) 11 Feb 2022

《十年》成香港「禁片」? 英國Cardiff萬聖節辦放映會

近200人參與Bristol港人集會 發言者籲互助、勿忘香港



Documentary & Video

How is this vigil in London keeping the memories of the Tiananmen Massacre alive? (PinkHouse Productions) – 17 Jun 2022

The Hong Kong politician who fled to Wales (InterCardiff) – 10 Mar 2022

St David’s Day Parade #Cardiff (InterCardiff) – 3 Mar 2022

Free tuition class at a Butetown boxing club #Cardiff (InterCardiff) – 24 Feb 2022

Student Housing Issues (InterCardiff) – 10 Feb 2022

屯馬線|宋皇臺站展出400件出土宋元文物 迷你陶骰、藥王像等 (明報 MingPao)– 27 Jun 2021

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